Friday, June 22, 2018

five years in motion [mini film]

for mother's day I gifted the special ladies in our family another DVD with our latest mini-films, along with an updated film on everly's first five years.

figured it was about time I shared this little time capsule.  I am so thankful that I have found this hobby that I love more than I can explain.  getting to see that little squishy baby of mine turn into the latest version of little lady, is exactly what you need when in a sentimental mood.

for all those who want a little emotional ride and love our everly mae, this is for you...

five years from Lyndsay Lewis on Vimeo.

haley reinhart - can't help falling in love
andree mcmahon in the wilderness - cecilia and the satellite
panic at the disco - she had the world

Thursday, June 21, 2018

it's a boy!

so many exciting things have been happening around here the past few months.  I wish that I had more time to document them as they happened, but I always forget how crazy the 4th quarter is when teaching.  I will try to catch up on some blogging this summer before the moments are forgotten.

first, the day I have waited for since becoming a mom myself has finally happened.  my best friend is having a baby - and it's a boy!

I am over the moon to say the least that a new baby is on the way.  I've wanted the 'auntie' roll for so long now, and I wasn't sure if/when it was going to happen.  and of course, in true best friend fashion, our due dates are pretty much identical - just six years apart.  everly is overjoyed to become a 'big sister' as she is calling herself - and being an only child, I'm okay with this title she is giving herself.

she did let me know that she hopes the baby is born any day but her birthday.
we will see baby girl, we will see.

^so happy for these two to join this crazy parenting club^

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

mother's day weekend, finally

I have had some pretty strong feelings about these types of holidays in the past.  I've had a few mother's days that just didn't really hit the mark, and I was frustrated that I was frustrated over something as silly as mother's day.  and so, this year I changed my mindset.  less is more.  and everly is now old enough to realize that she should give me a break, at least on something, like wearing the green dress I suggested, instead of the two dresses that she pulled from her closet that can only be described as 'play clothes'.

we spent some time in alameda with my family, spent some time eating at one of our favorite lunch spots, spent some time shopping, and spent some time relaxing.  it was quite a nice mother's day weekend indeed.  finally.
^and I know I'm biased, but seriously, my kid can frame a photo better than many adults^

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

it may be tiny, but it works [stock tank pool]

last spring, we were introduced to the latest pinterest craze, stock tank pools.  we had just lost a giant ancient bush and tree in the back corner of my yard, and we were talking about the possibilities for that space.  initially, we almost made it a fire pit area.  but then the idea of a way to cool down in our intense summer nights, and I was sold.

if you are interested in setting up your own stock tank pool, there are plenty of blogs with detailed directions on how to do so.
here are just a few quick words of advice from our trials & errors
first, yes, you do need a pump
trust me, you do
unless you want cloudy, icky, water, you do need a pump
we just use the intex above ground pool pump found here

second, use chlorine
as glorious as a saltwater pool sounds, it did not work in our experience
the galvanized metal and pump are not meshing well with the saltwater
our levels were always out of whack, and I think it may have put a little extra staining on the sides of my pool
it was really nice, until it wasn't
so just go chlorine for your stock tank pool
we got ourselves a little chlorine floater this season and our levels are perfect
easy peasy
third, make sure you attach your pump hoses well
if not, you will drain your pool
into the yard behind you
thankfully for us, their yard is already always dead, so we didn't feel too bad
there are lots of ways to make your pump work for your stock tank
for us, the easiest was to drill a small hole near the top of the tank for a small zip-tie to hold the hose that is bringing the filtered water back into the pool
we worked with the awesome guys at our local hardware store
to get the proper fittings to make the water go through the drain valve and into the pump
eventually we may make this a little fancier
but if you are looking for quick and easy, this is my suggestion
buy lots of pool floats
because your favorite thing to do will be to float in your pool
well, it really isn't for swimming
but floating and soaking, yes please and thank you
my favorite float spot is currently michaels, because cheap & coupons
and who knew they even carried pool floats, but they do, and they are cute
but ev is actually floating on a flamingo from the target dollar spot [seven dollars to be exact]
and the best part, ev has already used the pool a ton this season
last season, as soon as she learned how to swim, for real swim
she wasn't too into our little stock tank pool
so last summer, the pool was pretty much all mine
[not that I'm really complaining]
but I'm glad this year that she is already enjoying getting her float on too

see other stock tank posts here
oh, and where to buy the tank itself, feed stores of course

Sunday, May 6, 2018

weekends...and almost summer

we are just weeks away from summer break, and I am really ready for some time off with my family.  this year has been filled with many challenges, and many exciting new opportunities, but all of these changes have added to the fourth quarter exhaustion level I'm currently experiencing.
this weekend we spent many hours just enjoying our backyard.  last year we had so projects going on in the yard that I don't remember spending too much time just relaxing in this space. or if I did, I was always planning my next project.
well, this spring has proved that hard work does pay off, and now we are enjoying the heck out of each little area of this yard.
happy sunday