Saturday, July 22, 2017

our day touring the Magic Kingdom Hotels [mini film]

Our first day in Florida we took some time to explore the hotels of Magic Kingdom.  Having ever only visiting Disneyland Resort, I knew that I knew nothing about Disney World.  All I knew was it was huge, and that I had been memorizing my Disney World app since I found out I was getting the opportunity to attend the IB Global Conference in Orlando.  Our hotel had a shuttle that dropped us off right in front of the security checkpoint for Magic Kingdom.  I always see those friendly cast members at different information stands and booths, but I never actually talk to them.  This trip has been very different.  If I see you are a cast member, I will surely be asking you a slew of new questions that just popped into my head.  After speaking to the nice man at the bus and transportation window, he let us know we were just a five minute walk from the Polynesian Resort.  Perfection, just hearing that really set my day in the right trajectory.  I had a semi-plan, and it seemed like it was semi-working.  After exploring the Polynesian Resort, we ended up taking a boat around the lagoon, stopping at Magic Kingdom, and getting off at the Grand Floridian.  After walking the grounds, we hopped on the monorail and took a ride to the Contemporary Resort.  Oh holy Mary Blair mosaic!!!  I marveled at this beauty for a bit, and Ev found her way through yet another gift store.  I must say, my four year old handled this hotel tour very well, considering she really thought the plane was going to land in the middle of Disney World, she's tolerated the wait until we officially visit the parks tomorrow!

Here's a look at our day exploring the hotels in the Magic Kingdom Resort area.  The Polynesian was clearly my favorite!  Scroll all the way down to find the mini film at the bottom!
and here's our mini film from the day...
Magic Kingdom Hotel Tour from Lyndsay Lewis on Vimeo.

shot on our Sony a6000
music from Epidemic Sound - Hawaiian Conquistador by Martin Gauffin

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

most days [nine years married today]

marriage is about the most days.
not the every day.
most days there isn't any other place you want to be.
most days you see perfection in the little things.
most days you see constant growth and trying.
most days you are reminded why you aren't married
to someone else you see on the street.
because most days, you look at each other with thankful eyes,
and think, geez, I'm glad that's not you.
and maybe that's just us, but that happens, most days.
most days you remember that you picked that person.
and that person picked you.
and it doesn't matter if others get it.
because most days, they are the one person who gets you.
and for the other days.
well, they don't matter, as long as you have most days.
 happy nine years of marriage to us

Sunday, July 9, 2017

keeping cool in alameda

as much as we wished my sister lived closer, having a gorgeous and COOL, literally and figuratively, city to visit is not half bad.  especially when the temperatures have crept back up into triple digits, escaping for the day is always on the agenda.  if you live in northern california and haven't visited the tiny island off san francisco, it is a must.  in fact, the mr. and I are currently trying to plan a little anniversary day trip to alameda before I go back to work.  yesterday we took it fairly easy, just ate lunch at Scolari's at the Point, enjoyed the amazing view, antiqued a bit, swam a bit, and took a gorgeous walk along the bay.  thanks meg & bianca for showing us some real gems of your new home.
^Ev had her 1st Krispy Kreme on the way - not a fan^

Friday, July 7, 2017

4th of july [mini-film]

everly had a blast with her cousins the other day celebrating the 4th at her nona's house.  many hours of swimming ended perfectly with a lot of sparklers and fireworks on ladders, the only way.  I think their faces say it all!
4th of july from Lyndsay Lewis on Vimeo.

music: "In the Mood" by Glenn Miller
shot on our Sony a6000

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

independence day!

yesterday we were thankful to celebrate our independence day. lots of red, white, blue, swimming, hamburgers, peach cobbler, and sparklers.  it was a california celebration indeed.  and at under 100 degrees, a pretty perfect day.
excited to share our 4th mini-film soon!