Friday, November 17, 2017

another chance for memories [disneyland mini-film]

we've had a lot of chances to make memories as a family - and disneyland has to be one of our favorite places to do so.  every trip is a different experience as everly gets older.  the mr. was the most excited for big thunder mountain railroad this trip, since everly was now excited to go on it, and it has always been one of our favorite rides in the park.  after so many trips of only riding super kid friendly rides, getting back into our old groove, and now with our little one, just has such a special feel to it.

here is our weekend in Disneyland - made a little extra special with Halloween Time in full swing in BOTH parks!
Disneyland Oct. 2017 from Lyndsay Lewis on Vimeo.

Friday, November 10, 2017

thankful for capturing these moments

this morning, I stumbled upon this video of everly at two.  it it wasn't for this, I wouldn't remember everly's voice sounding like this.  or the little way she pieced together her sentences.  I wouldn't remember her little arms being this round, even though they aren't even that round here.

so thankful for being able to remember these little moments that are no longer here.

but mostly, I'm melting over this little voice.
everly says - may 2015 from Lyndsay Lewis on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

celebrating five [mini-film]

last weekend we celebrated everly's golden birthday with our take on 'it's a small world christmas'!  kids in the morning, big kids in the evening.  the rain moved the party all indoors, but we made the best of things.

turns out, the 'small world' coloring pages were a hit for all ages.  speaking of age, now that everly is the big FIVE she was given so many amazing games from our friends...which they decided to show her how to play at her party too.  cannot get much better than that!

oh, and no more balance bike for this little lady - big girl bike happened too!

here's our day celebrating five...
Everly is Five! from Lyndsay Lewis on Vimeo.

everly's dress is from target - we were lucky stumbling on the perfect dress months ago when she picked her birthday theme

that amazing sparkler five candle is from nothing bundt cakes - not sure they have them at all of their locations, seemed like a little specialty item they had at ours

Saturday, November 4, 2017


everly mae, you are five. well, tomorrow at 7 a.m. you are five.
you are five and headstrong like your mom.
you are five and beyond gorgeous.
you are five and learning so many new ideas and skills.
you are five and funny. like that time you nailed that naked ladies joke you told dad, and all along you were talking about the flowers, and you knew it, and that it was hilarious.
you are five and have so many friends. but you are super cool about it all - when you tell me that two girls got in trouble because they were both fighting to sit next to you, you state simply, “they figured it out”
you are five and those skinny little legs of your are really accented by your hunter boots that you wear daily.
you are five and Wonder Woman for Halloween, and your costume reasons were because you are strong. stronger than most boys.
you are five and when watching Ellen remind us that we need to teach our daughters to be strong and not just sweet and docile, you yelled at the television, I am strong Ellen. super strong.
you are five and still obsessed with Asian food, and trying new foods every week.
you are five and an amazing helper. the way you organize the bowls that come out of the dishwasher makes me proud - visual design/merchandising/branding seems to be in your future, even if right now you say teacher.
you are five and really taking on a love for roller coasters, screaming because they are so fun, I think I found my ride buddy finally.
you are five and still find your way into our room in the early hours of the morning, because snuggling is your thing, and has been from the very first moment I held you.
you are five and still loved to be carried, thankfully you are tiny for your age, and I try to remember these moments are fleeting and fast.
everly, you are five, and five is pretty sweet.

happy birthday miss everly mae 

Friday, October 27, 2017


working mom, traveling kid.
and it kind of works.

I've been given the opportunity to take on a leadership role at my school site that allows me to travel more often than you would think for a public school teacher.  and with some careful planning, that means I can bring my family along too!

last week I attended another conference, and worked in another trip to disneyland with my family.  clearly, this working mom thing can have it's perks.
everly had her first mickey ice cream bar - of course - inspired by the bucket list family!
and we got to ride the train!
the new path around the rivers of america was pretty fun to see!
and of course, her one souvenir, a minnie mouse dressed as sally
when she showed her nona her new minnie,
 nona asked why she was blue
everly of course responded, because she's dead
if you haven't seen the haunted mansion in disneyland during the holidays
add it to your list!
slightly overcast all day, making these sunset photos breathtaking
the one photo from her daddy date on saturday
trying to watch the parade while on the teacups can cause extra dizziness
bought my first pair of disneyland ears in years - turns out, the handmade community has really pushed the parks to up their ear game!
my favorite 'new' decoration for sure!