Tuesday, August 16, 2011

coming together

well after today's success at the local fabric store
I'm starting to feel like I can see where our upcoming party is headed

today in my classroom I felt more together and overly panicked all at the same time
tomorrow we begin staff development
which isn't too exciting
but getting to see old friends and co-workers will help the situation
I just need to remind myself that I don't need everything planned the first day
but I still can't stop hyperventilating a bit
but it will be ok

today my former kiddos found out their teacher assignment
now of course they already knew who they were getting
but for some reason knowing they have now seen their names
next to another teacher's name
just makes it seem final 
and reminds everyone that we aren't getting to loop together like we had planned
 I'm just staying positive for them -
I think their adjustments may be harder than my own
now if you are a newer reader to this little blog & are totally confused by what I'm talking about -
this pretty much sums it all up


  1. good reminder: i don't have to have everything planned by the first day... it's so hard to keep that in mind!!

  2. When we got the name of the teacher it sucked... I am reminded that YOU will not be there, of the promises broken by those we trusted and I face my sons 6th grade year with uncertainty. I am hopeful that he is an amazing teacher but I want YOU there not HIM. We miss you :'(