Friday, August 19, 2011

grab bag

So, my first five minutes is spent welcoming the students in at the door
normally their names are on their desks, but this year being in middle school
that won't be possible
instead they will be displayed on the board
once they are seated, I pretty much introduce myself, through my grab bag
I have found that by having something in my hands
helps with all the staring eyes
now seriously, I am never nervous in front of my kids
but those first couple of minutes can be intense

So what is my grab bag exactly?
well it holds little things about me
now here is a start for this year's bag - I'll add a few more goodies 
over the weekend
like a pack of gum - which I also use as a "teachable moment"
that yes, gum rocks
but not in the classroom

Now once I'm done going through my things
explaining their importance
and giving my kids a little glimpse of who I am
as a person - and not a robot teacher
we start going into classroom routines & expectations
this year, it will be the syllabus
because I only have 55 minutes this year for day one!
I'm thinking since I get to repeat my grab bag this year
I keep feeling like I am forgetting something - 
like six more hours of day one plans!

So - my number one rule
Greet every student at the door
be firm - but still a person in their eyes
when they find similarities between themselves and their new teacher
it is amazing how fast they can buy in to you

oh, and you may be wondering why a grocery bag is my grab bag
well, it is simple, met the husband while bagging groceries
done and done.

Thanks for sharing your first five ideas ladies!
My first five originally came from my amazing mentor teacher I had while getting my credential.
She shared so many amazing ideas that focussed so much on the 
connections we make with our students.
Thanks Heather - you taught me how to rock!


  1. A grab bag is a lovely idea for introducing yourself! I think it's nice to show them you're a person too, not just a teacher robot, hehe.

  2. I love this grab bag! I think I should steal it and keep it at my house since I still barely ever see you. Can't wait for next weekend!