Thursday, August 4, 2011

local lovin' - eggie's restaurant

well, they say that the way into a man's heart is through his stomach
for mine - it is simply breakfast
he could eat it everyday, three times a day
now my next local lovin' is not only a great place for breakfast in Sacramento
it is also a pretty special spot for us
when we first started dating we hit this place up ALL the time
in fact, we were going out to breakfast more than dinner!
my favorite thing to get is the fresh strawberry waffle
no fake crap here - I hate all the jelly syrupie stuff 
some of those other breakfast chains call strawberries, but I digress
anyways - if you are a local yourself, and haven't tried this little spot
I suggest you do so
they also have GREAT weekday deals which the hubs & I took advantage of today
while we still can!

Yummy Details:
Location: 1650 Fulton Ave.,  Sacramento
Phone:  (916)488-4356       
Open for breakfast & lunch

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