Friday, August 5, 2011

what I can't live a day the classroom

A little while back my teacher/blog friend Rhoda at Mrs. Hahn Daydreams did all the things she can't live without while teaching.  I LOVED this idea, but since ALL my stuff was still packed, I had to put my own post off for a tad.  Well, the boxes are where they should be now, and so here are my things I need to survive a day of teaching!
 First off - my stool that my very creative sister made for me - it was my wedding present.  I also still use my Miss Macri stool she gave me when I got my first classroom.
 Well, let's face it.  Kids are germy, and I don't like making sub plans.  I also shake their hands twice a day, so yeah, it is necessary.
 SHARPIES - in EVERY color.  enough said
 An array of stamps for pure paper happiness.  Inside the treasure box are my holiday stamps!  My stamp collection was also started by that awesome sister of mine.
 Again, no comment needed here.
 Yes, I have been known to re-apply chapstick mid lesson, but no one is happy with chapped lips.  Also, I LOVE gum, but I do wait until the kids are gone before I start chewing.  I LOVED my kid's reaction when I was chewing gum with them during STAR testing last year, it was pretty funny.  Apparently teachers aren't human, therefore, do not like gum.
 My Nalgene bottle, also known as my adult security blanket.
 Having my goodies out that kids have made me always help me on those days when you question the madness that is teaching!
 Post-its are key to success in my book.  No, I won't remember it unless it is on a post-it, and preferably then stuck on my nalgene bottle!  Also, I'm finding this composition book to be my best plan book so far.  I realized that the ones I have used in the past aren't really sensible now that I am only teaching one subject so when it comes time to make my planbook I'll have to do some adjusting.
And last but not least, when I'm feeling motivated, or maybe hopelessly behind, I have my trusty rollie suitcase to come to the rescue and cart home all my weekend work.  The days of lugging home that ugly plastic crate on wheels are done, if you are teacher, you know what I'm talking about.  Not cute, and come on, just because we are teachers doesn't mean we have to be fashion-challenged.   This is my second suitcase in five years and yes, they make great christmas presents!

So, there you have it.  Just a few of the things I need to keep my sanity from my not so nine to five job!


  1. Your treasure box reminds me of the candle boxes from Illuminations. I'm not a teacher, but a lot of family members are. We love teachers in our house. :)

  2. So many lovely things! I love all these peeks into your classroom :)

    I'm a librarian and my job requires a lot of hand sanitiser and air freshener too, heh!

  3. Great list!! I wash my hands like crazy when I sub, kids are SO germy! I'm also a Post-It note addict. :)

  4. I teach hs and hand sanitizer is a MUST! My musts are: pretty pens, post-its and pics of my son.

  5. Oh I'm so glad you finally got to post about this! (And thanks for a little link love too!)

    1. diggin' the stool. for real. i want one.
    2. i'm out of hand sanitizer. shootie.
    3. your sharpie and stamp collection--- *drool. i'll catch up to you one day soon.
    4. chapstick and gum are def essential.
    5. i plan to have an area of student notes/friend notes/etc for a mental pick-me-up for sure!
    6. the inventor of post-its...i could kiss him or her!
    7. that bag must go on my christmas list!
    8. you are totally rad!


  6. Thanks Rhoda! And yes you will catch up quickly. It's amazing how fast the boxes I have to pack have multiplied over the past 4 years! I used to be able to pack my whole room in my jetta - not any more!!!

  7. I'm bringing up 1 box at a time to school this week, but I bet if I packed everything all at once my car would be filled! Guess I have more than I thought!