Monday, August 29, 2011

wonderful weekend

it was busy - but pretty awesome
here's a peek into our final birthday celebration for the husband's 30th
such good times with such good people
things were starting out great.  the first cake was already on the stand, iced and ready to go when the second layer decided to make me remember why I don't bake cakes - strictly cupcakes.  it broke in two, and then three, and then four.  as things really started to crumble, thankfully the husband came into the kitchen before I started to cry too bad.  so, instead of starting over, I made due.  
sorry for the shaky photo - like I said, I was trying not to panic
but apparently still couldn't keep the camera still!
so what's a girl to do when her cake breaks into tiny pieces?  well, shove it in a casserole dish of course.  my pretty little blue delphite casserole did the trick.
I think this next image will get its own post soon.  but for now, yes, they are pages from a harry potter book wrapping my present that showed up at the party!
for the record - chocolate fondue rocks the socks off of cheese fondue, just saying
and for the next little birthday mishap - no candles
so instead, this lighter did the trick
so - there you go
happy birthday to that husband of mine
time to get back to life without party planning
at least until halloween!

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  1. Wowww! That's a lot of tasty looking treats! Can I marry you?

    Or can I at least invite you over to cook for me..