Friday, August 19, 2011

work day

Well, today was my third official paid day for this school year.  Yes, you are right.  I have been working since August first, but we won't go into that.  I think I'm ready.  As ready as I can be.  The room is ready, thankfully.  But am I?  Yes, I think so.  See, I'm not so sure, but I know the first day is looking pretty good. And after that, well, there is always time.  One day I know that I will get to teach something I have before, and that day will be awesome.

So here it is, the last few touches.  Excited to meet my kids, I think they are going to be pretty cool.  I can just sense these things.
Soon (like tonight or tomorrow morning) I want to post what I call my grab bag.  When you are a teacher, your first hour with your kids can be pretty un-nerving.  Not to mention, you will never have every single eye on you for the rest of the year the way you do in that first hour.  So yes, it is safe to say I'm normally perspiring just a tad during that time.

So the question is, what do you do the first five minutes of the new school year?
I'll share my strategy as soon as it is together!


  1. Well after I greet them at the door, I have the seating chart on the board and ask them to find their seats. Then I head right into a lesson. A mini lesson that speaks to the elements that are essential to understanding literature and literary time periods: the dates, historical aspects, technology etc. Then I assign them their first assignment which is to create something that shows their personal era which should include those same things. But that could change since I have a week before the kids return.
    Good luck with your first day!

  2. Good luck! I always like to start by greeting at the door. :)

  3. My first day always consists of instilling fear in my kids ... just kidding. :D Well, not really. I'm generally very strict during the school year but on the first day I'm particularly firm, just to set the tone for the rest of the year. I'll probably start by letting them know my expectations for the year. Then I'll teach a lesson, once again reaffirming that I'm all business. I know, I'm no fun .. LOL.