Thursday, September 8, 2011

charley harper & the federal building

Last year when the husband and I planned our first trip to Cincinnati to see my aunt we made a point to see all the amazingness that is Charley Harper around the city.  If you aren't aware of his art, seriously check out his work, it is wonderful!  So today we wanted to show our family the mosaic that is in the federal building.

Well, I didn't get far.  Turns out my crazy serious pepper spray has been hiding in the bottom of my purse this whole time, yes, TSA didn't find it, but the girlie at the federal building was on it.  And no, she couldn't just leave it at the security station, I was pretty much escorted from the building, bright red and feeling quite like a criminal.  Good fun.  Thankfully my sister Meg came to the rescue and snapped a few pictures for me so I had something to go with this post.  So, bottom line, be very careful when entering a federal building, they really don't mess around.  I get it, but seriously, a little respect here people goes a long way.

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