Tuesday, October 18, 2011

just balance

so today was either the best planning day...or the biggest disaster ever
I'm still not quite sure
I just kept opening more books, binders, support materials...
until I found myself here
thinking - woah - what in the world is going on with this table right now?
of course since I have never been able to teach the same grade twice
planning is something I've become pretty much a master of
but now that I have just one subject I find myself really challenging
myself to make those lessons even more awesome
hence the ridiculous about of teaching materials shown above

turns out, my life is a constant balancing act
wife, teacher, masters student
have a fun weekend -
well planning is going to kill you when you return to work
finish your 8 page art rationale paper -
well your stacks of grading have found new places to stack up
my TA has been sick the last two days -

it will all get done
it always does
but I'm thinking I'll be pulling 12 hour days this week
and when I hear of "those people" who get to work "four tens"
well, I envy you.  A lot.  
and just think, after I finish 10 more masters classes I want to 
throw a little munchin of my own into the mix
well that's just funny.


  1. This was a very hectic week for me too so I wore my balance bracelet and tried to hope for the best. Good luck, it all works out...always does.

  2. I have come accross your same picture multiple times, but only in my neck of the woods. Keep on going!