Friday, October 14, 2011

my day

 when I look back at my year in middle school, 
today will be one of those days that I know will come back to me.
I will remember this...
all five classes made me so proud today.  their enthusiasm for this debate is still making me smile.  hearing that they were so excited about class today that they were continuing to talk about it in other classes, well, that rocks too.  I found the key to success on this day was really in the details.  hanging a sign outside the door announcing the meeting, re-arranging the classroom furniture, and even down to something as simple as changing the date from october 14, 2011 to 1775 really heightened their excitement.  having students already begging to do a debate for next chapter, well that makes up for the crummy week I had last week.

I work for my kids, my kids work for me.  And no, I don't need to worry about much else.


  1. Love the photos! Such a fantastic lesson and outcome!! Way to go!

  2. How innovative! You students will remember that!