Monday, October 31, 2011

sunday's "so they said"... on monday

and, happy halloween.  officially this time.

This last week the kids worked on creating their own Declaration of Independence where they included original text from the document as well as sections re-written into "their language".  I will be posting photos soon, they turned out amazing, as usual, because like I've said before, my kids rock.  Anyways, I must preface this quote by saying that this quote, as punishable as it may seem, came from one of the sweetest, quietest girls, said to again, one of the sweetest, quietest girls.  And instead of a referral, I laughed until tears welled up!

Just as I happened to be walking past the table I hear:

"Seriously, I want to jump-kick you in the face right now."

Well, hers really was THAT good.  And so, there you go, my favorite thing one of my teenagers said this week!

And, because it is Halloween, I couldn't pass up sharing my favorite Post Secret from this week.
I couldn't agree more!
image here

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