Wednesday, November 9, 2011

switching things around

so, today is technically day 9 which is a close up of my day.  Well, for me, that's a tad silly because tomorrow is the 10th, and if you have been reading here long, that means 10 on 10 time!  If you haven't seen this before it is a photo project where you shoot one photo an hour for ten hours, on the tenth of each month.  I can't think of a "closer" up view of my day - so let that be tomorrow!

Instead, I'm in a day ten kind of mood...
day ten: what I love about my job

considering I have dedicated an entire blog, well mostly, to my job
you've probably figured out why I love it so much
but just in case it isn't clear
let me count the ways  I love my job

one - I love the way my students can make me smile unlike anyone else
two - I love that my "place of work" is my classroom, my very own space, not a cubicle
three - I love that no matter if my student is five or thirteen, they need me just the same
four - I love seeing the "lightbulb" moment
five - I love their humor
six - I love getting to be creative everyday
seven - I love hearing my students being excited about what they are learning
eight - I love seeing former students
nine - I love that kids are so capable of showing appreciation
ten - I love being asked questions I don't always know the answers to
eleven - I love knowing I made someone smile
twelve - I love seeing how proud a student can be of their own work
thirteen - I love that I learn something new everyday
fourteen - I love that my days are never the same
fifteen - I love when a student just "hangs around" after school to talk

I love that my place is in the classroom, and that I found that place at only 22.  I love that I have already taught over 275 kids - not counting any summer school classes or subbing!


  1. I love how much you love your job! It's an inspiration to see somebody be so passionate about what they do!

  2. This list is so amazing! I am going to keep it in a sticky note on my desktop to inspire me when I am having a bad day.

  3. thanks Elisha - you are so sweet - the bad days will come, and the exhaustion and all of that, but trying to keep things in perspective helps :)