Tuesday, December 13, 2011

double standard

so here's the thing - I typically don't talk about my clothing
yes, I like to think that I'm changing the perception of teachers
and how we dress 
every day I choose NOT to wear a jean jumper with a holiday beaded necklace
but there is just one thing that is always on my mind...
and the double standard in the teaching profession
working in my first classrooms at the mere age of 21
how I've dressed has always been a priority
obviously when young you want parents to take you seriously
not to mention your students and other teachers
Seems reasonable enough - right?  Well, here is where the double standard comes in.  I watch every square inch of my skin that is "exposed" to my students.  I wouldn't dare show bare shoulders in the classroom, let alone cleavage.  However, I have found in my many schools that this is where the biggest double standard lies.  For me, a centimeter of cleavage could send the rumor mill running, and I've known many young teachers to be "talked to" over such an offense.  But apparently, if I was older and top-heavy, I could easily show three inches of cleavage without batting an eye.

so - here's my thought
we as educators should always be examples of dressing for the occasion
when the occasion is school - we should dress accordingly
with that being said, I'll keep my constant supply of 
tights, tank tops, slips, leggings, & sweaters
ready for daily use
and continue to become even further out of touch
with what a "regular" 27 year old would find
to be too short...
one final thought on my "proper teacher dress"
there once was a day when a teacher would never be confused with the janitor
I cannot say that to be true nowadays
enough said.

image: me & my lil' sis at our aunt's wedding this past september
alm's park - cincinnati, ohio


  1. I remembered when I first started teaching I tried to look professional by throwing on a pair of dress pants and top. But I still looked quite young and was always mistaken for a student. But now wearing skirts and dresses I would like to say that I've separated myself from the jean-wearing teenagers I'm surrounded by everyday. And I totally understand the 'teacher being confused as a janitor' thing. I just don't understand how you can command a class dressed like a slob! I mean, call me superficial but I do take some care into how I present myself to my students. Maybe it's vanity but I think there's something to this idea that we're supposed to be role models.

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  3. Interesting thoughts. John and I just finished watching Miracle on 34th. Street. I commented that people use to dress so nicely all the time up until the 60's, we are becoming a nation of slobs!

  4. Preach it! You have said everything that I truly agree with...especially the modesty! You are someone your students will look up to :)