Thursday, December 22, 2011

on the fourth day of winter break...

my vacation brought to me:
two whole years since we've adopted our little fur baby - luna
she makes us pretty happy everyday
 today also brought me to a place where I can check off many things from my list
I finished the last of my homework for my second masters class
finished holiday shopping
and little wrapping elves came to help me with all this -
 oh wait, no, it was just me & the husband
on the hard-wood floors getting stuff done
so now my tree looks really full & happy for the next day and a half 
until everything gets transported
once again, by my helper elves
and finally, today brought me MORE pink pyrex
I was thrifting for a reason - presents - I promise
but the problem with holiday thrifting is it is pretty darn impossible to leave behind
those two perfect pink gooseberry fridgies you found
at two different thrift stores
just because you are christmas shopping
so I didn't - and realized that pink pyrex is just loving me right now
but it is time to move onto another color, because my little pink shelf
is now at maximum capacity!
and for tomorrow - well, it will be one of my favorite days of winter break so far
off to the city to get meg!

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