Monday, January 30, 2012

confessions of a first year history teacher

well, where to start?
ummm...I don't know everything
and sometimes, this year, I feel like I don't know anything
at least when it comes to the nitty gritty specifics of the history that I am teaching
I've learned how much I didn't learn in the past
and I must say that it scares me from time to time
today as I was "learning" so much while planning
I started thinking that maybe having a history supplement
(which I was qualified for because of my history concentration in college)
 should not really qualify you for teaching middle school history
but I'm thankful that it did, because it pretty much saved my job
and thankfully I've gotten teaching logistics under control before starting this
so now, it is just learning for me
examples of my new found - should have already known facts:
#1 the Star Spangled Banner was originally written as a poem
during the War of 1812
#2 and while we're on that topic - I learned what the War of 1812 was all about
#3 and finally, you know when you've heard something, but have no idea what it means, well, that was me with the Monroe Doctrine, until this afternoon

whew, I feel better now that I've gotten that off my shoulders
and I am really grateful for the opportunity to get a whole year to really learn more history
something I really do enjoy - but come on - there is SO much of it to know

and, putting history aside
I've also learned that this is what happens when you give a teenager a stapel gun


  1. There are still some nuances in geometry (my least favorite to teach, I'm more of an algebra and trig king of gal) that I don't really get. Or at least I'll have to submerge myself in it for a while to get a better understanding of those ideas. It used to be that way with algebra and trig for me, but the more I taught it, the deeper my understanding got. BTW, I totally LOL'ed the staple gun comment! :D

  2. Bahahaha! I am a first year world history teacher and I totally feel your pain.