Wednesday, January 11, 2012

days are like a sprint lately

so this year I have been swaying a tad on the multiple personalities spectrum
one week I LOVE teaching middle school
one subject to prep
once I teach a lesson, I get to perfect it four more times that day
my kids are old enough to let a little of my natural sarcasm slip out
well, this week my dry sense of humor has been coming out left & right

image here
however, I've finally decided my biggest gripe with middle school...
and no, it's not the kids
even though some of the questions they ask do kill me
one day they will realize it is just easier to listen to the person talking to them
the first time
or the second time
you choose
instead, my issue would be the 55 minute class periods
it is like I am always running an hour sprint
and always losing to the clock
there is no down time when you have to get out everything in that one little class
elementary lends you so much more flexibility
now, please, don't get be wrong
I was ALWAYS going in my elementary classrooms
but when the bell rang, they were mine again in ten minutes
and I could just keep going
so...with all that being said...maybe still an elementary teacher at heart
however, I could just need a day off


  1. Love the quote! I let my sarcasm fly all over the place, but HS kids can handle it, lol. I used to feel so pressed for time when I first started teaching, but I've learned where to cut corners in order to save time. My periods are 40-45 minutes and I have to settle the kids down, assign a Do Now, go over the HW, go over the Do Now, do the lesson, do practice problems, and then maybe summarize if I have time. I try not to let a minute go by because the period is jam packed.

    1. I think sarcasm is almost key with the 13+ crowd! Love the suggestions, I feel like if I got to do middle school over again I would try a structure more like yours - very organized. My class is so project based that every day just brings something SO different I never can get a really set schedule!

  2. I totally agree with what you are saying. At the HS level it's awesome to perfect the lesson. By the end of the day, I have the lesson memorized and I don't need my notes in hand. But then there are days that just fly by and I need more time!!! I'm with you. Vacation and days off STAT!

    1. yup-with every class I am the one get SO much smarter!