Monday, January 9, 2012

Out of the Files - Remembering Dr. King

so if you have been reading this little blog long
you are probably feeling a tad bit of deja vu right about now
but, seeing as how this week many amazing teachers are going to be introducing 
their students to Dr. King, I figured we could always dig this one out of the files
and since I am on a bit of a crunch with my own curriculum
I'm not going to be doing it with my students (slight tear for my elementary days)
so, maybe you will be inspired to try it!
Last year when I came up with this project I went here to learn how to do
positive/negative space art
and this was just about the only place that explained it in a way that made sense to me!
To make my stencil I used my smart board to outline an actual picture I found of Dr. King
split the image in half and then copied one half onto the white construction paper
This project is a little time consuming to plan - you want to make a few trial runs at it yourself
before actually teaching it
but I really do think it pays off - the kids LOVED this project
and it looks so striking in the room - I kept this bulletin board up extra long!
and of course to really finish off this project I would suggest
some poetry writing for students to really dig a little deeper
Last year we created poems where the students compiled
 their own dreams for the world/society
repeating the historic line "I have a dream..."
they were pretty touching - but you could go just about anywhere with the written piece
good luck - if you have any questions please just ask!!!
oh - and tomorrow is our first ten on ten of the year - so grab your camera - and go!

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