Sunday, January 15, 2012

sunday's "so they said"

well this week I must say my favorite words that came out of my middle schooler's mouths
were them singing the lyrics to a Bill of Rights song
we sang this song every day this week
and I truly think my evil plan is working
I bribed them with some extra-credit on their next test
for every day they sang the song they got a stamp on their song lyrics
each stamp gets them a point
win win
and even though they liked to gripe before we started singing
 they sure did chime in pretty quickly
especially once I started obnoxiously with the first line
now no, this isn't my class
it is actually my aunt's class picture from back in the day
look at those rows and perfectly folded hands
and because my district is pretty old
several of my classrooms have been laid out just like this
sink, cabinets, and bulletin boards in the exact same position!
tomorrow I'm off to the city with great friends, antiquing, & a visit with my sister
three day weekends are truly the best