Sunday, February 12, 2012

sunday's "so they said"

well, this week I had the pleasure, no honor, to chaperone yet another middle school dance
being on "freak patrol" is always such a shining moment in my career
I also got into a very interesting tangent conversation with 4th period on Friday
I had to ask one of my kids to put away his old school calculator that he was 
messing around with during class
I let him know that I already had to worry about people
texting, updating their facebook status, etc.
well, this led to some confessing on their part
apparently the thing to do in class, when you don't care about what's being taught
is to hide your earbud cord from your ipod in your sweatshirt sleeve,
and then just lean your head on your hand to the side
and walah - listening to music in class
not the teacher

you should have seen the look on my face
I asked, thinking I was oh so hip and on top of these things
clearly I'm not
and then I ask the question
 So, have you done this in my class????

a few quickly spoke up
"no, I actually find this class kind of interesting"
my response, well thanks - so your telling me you haven't done that in this room
"Well...we have, but only when you have a sub."
so there you go
compliment, yes
realizing just one more reason why NOTHING gets done when I'm gone
it all makes since now 

for now I'm going to get my geek on with the return of The Walking Dead
and relish in the thought of only teaching five more days until I'm off to

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