Monday, April 30, 2012

yes, it is monday

and my day just kept reminding me of the fact that yes, it is monday
the to-do list just kept getting longer
and more things kept stopping me from crossing anything off
helping a student [not even one of my own]
who had been "forgotten at school" for over two hours
didn't help either
and of course, I'm the ONLY one on campus so it was all up to me
and not to judge, but seriously
you don't know where your pre-teen daughter is for over two hours after the bell rings?
not awarding any certificates anytime soon
by almost five [school's out at 2:20] I was finally student free and in the parking lot
just to have my car start rumbling, smelling of gas, and the trusty check engine light turn on
so, car's in the shop & we had pizza for dinner
and the best part of my monday was surprisingly getting my name sign tagged at school
here's why:
trust me, much better than I've seen this year
and walking by this little one won't be so bad
before I know it I'll be having the janitor take my sign down for me
and having a ton of kids sign it for me as my momento for this year
just another for the collection

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