Monday, May 7, 2012

currently dreaming of

homes, to be more specific
the rooflines
the bright doors
perfect walkways
and overall awesomeness is just too much for me to handle
the husband and I have searched out several of the neighborhoods by us
now I just need to get that job of mine back so we can get 
some serious house hunting underway
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  1. Hey-- hopefully this isn't strange of me to offer, since we don't actually know each other, but my husband is a real estate agent for Re/Max Gold in Sac, he can set up a MLS search for you guys that emails you houses in your price range and neighborhoods that you like as they become available, let me know if you're interested and I'll send you his contact info! Either way, have fun house hunting! (And, congrats on your upcoming arrival!)

    1. thank you so much for the offer - we actually already have a realtor that we have worked with before. Now I just need to get my job back so we can get our hunt on! In the meantime, it is time for me to start organizing and getting rid of SO much we have acquired in the first four years of marriage!

  2. I figured, I just consider it my wifely duty to pass along the offer to anyone I spot house hunting. I hope your job situation works out, I feel fortunate to work at a charter and not have that hanging over my head, (although there are trade-offs, we have no union, our pay scale is annoying, etc). And, yes, getting rid of stuff is a pain-- but it feels good when you're done! Good luck!