Wednesday, June 13, 2012

18 weeks

first off, let me start by saying I am absolutely in love with my baby bump
 ok, with that being said, I am NOT in love with how many people treat pregnant women
and when I mean pregnant women
I mean ME
now let me start this little moment by reminding everyone of the stats
I'm 5'3 and have about 4 inches of waist from hip to rib, if I'm lucky, and stand tall
needless to say, this little lewis has not many places to go but out and say hello
however, the constant comments about my size from everyone on the planet is getting
just a tad old
and just like we tell our kids
if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all
apparently that goes out the window as soon as you are showing
and even though I am probably receiving an equal amount of praise as I am negative comments
we all know which ones stick in our heads
in fact, I had a little meltdown on monday night because I had just had enough
enough of "well, clearly it's twins" [just one]
"I showed a lot faster with my third child too" [first baby]
"you are really packing on the pounds" [I've barely gained any weight actually]
"you must not be watching what you eat"
[in fact, my healthy food choices are no different than before]

so here's what I'm saying
people, just keep your mouths shut
if I don't know you, I probably don't need you guessing my due date is in the next two months
when really, it is in five

also, I'm realizing I just need to stay close to home in my neighborhood
because I am getting some of my biggest compliments from the wonderful
gay men that live in my part of town
they are so kind to me and my appearance
 and right now I can use all the kind words possible

however, on the most awesome side ever
this week I can officially say that I am feeling the baby kick
and just as the doctor predicted the last time she was trying to get a heart beat
baby is very mobile
and I am very ok with that
it makes all the negative comments melt away pretty quickly


  1. Whoo hoo go Mrs. Lewis!!!!! its Erin Btw

    1. now I just need to get some witty remarks, I'm not very good at comebacks when people are rude, I just awkwardly smile!

  2. Yes, it's funny how being pregnant means that everyone in the universe wants to give you their unsolicited opinions! I remember having our plumber telling me that he was 'sure' I'd be having a girl based on the shape of my bump. I was like uh... thanks?

    You have such a cute belly! Enjoy showing, I was so excited to have a proper belly and I still miss it now. It's just so nice being all glowy and having a belly to pat :)

    1. I think I am getting used to the comments, and just focussing on loving my bump while I have it!

  3. All those haters! lol.. We have yet to have our 1st pregnancy, and I'm already thinking I'm gonna be the mean lady that snaps back at those comments and tells those types of people to STEP OFF--YOU DON'T KNOW ME! haha! Everyone just thinks their an expert, I suppose! PS--you're too stinking cute pregnant. Those haters can back it up ;)

    1. thanks rhoda, I wish I could snap back when they make those comments, I haven't quite gotten there yet, but I still have a few months, and those types of remarks may start rolling out towards the end!