Wednesday, June 20, 2012

so nesting is kind of addicting

well I think I can officially say that I am in crazy nesting mode
while working on some masters homework I decided that this afternoon it was dresser makeover time
and that's exactly what I did
in under three hours from start to finish I was snapping these pictures
I was on a crazy mission
and now I am happy
for the day at least, who knows what tomorrow will have in store for me
the best part was getting to put little lewis' goodies away somewhere
and not just sitting in a shopping bag on the floor of the bedroom
the place where they had been collecting for the past couple of months
also, Luna was a perfect angel today for me while I had the house turned into a 
painting war zone
so bottom line, second trimester of pregnancy means more energy than all the starbucks in the world


  1. That dresser looks so good! I loved nesting, isn't it so fun folding and putting away all those tiny things?

    1. thank you, and yes, getting to put the goodies in the drawer started to make everything seem so real!!!

  2. More energy than any Starbucks in the world---I LOVE it! I love your facelift to that dresser! I have painting projects just waiting for me. I, however, am waiting for the motivation!

    1. I feel you on the motivation thing, especially the summer after finishing your first year. trust me, I have gotten more done this summer than any other summer before!