Tuesday, July 24, 2012

free, friendly, & fabulous for your photos

lately, I've been using something that I stumbled on a while back
for some time now I have moved on from doing all my photo editing in iPhoto
and have been using Photoshop actions instead
however, I'm not sure what it is, but I just haven't been happy with my editing
so I have started using PicMonkey instead for most of my photo editing
and the best part is it is a website that you can use
no need to make an account, or download anything to your computer
and it's free
here are some examples of PicMonkey edits:
[not sure how this adorable shoe shot got missed but it was just waiting to be edited]
not only do you have many filter options [tranquil & intrepid tend to be my favs]
you also can get a little funky by adding rounded corners and text as seen above
or do basic edits such as cropping and photo exposure adjustments
now they have some real cheesy features too that I haven't found very useful
but when it comes to wanting to do a quick edit on a photo, it surely gets the job done
and once you are done editing your photo, just save it anywhere on your computer 
then you start fresh with a new photo

hope you find this helpful, figured I would spread the awesomeness
give it a try yourself here
and while we are on the topic, do you have favorite places to edit digital photos?
I would love to hear what else is out there!


  1. Those little shoes are so cute!

    I love using PicMonkey. Definitely a good site. I really love their filters. Sometimes, when I'm looking for new/different fonts to use on my photos, I'll either go to fotoflexer or pixlr (I especially like all the fonts pixlr has to offer).

    1. Kiki- thanks for the suggestion! I'll be checking out those sites for sure!!!