Saturday, July 28, 2012

moon deco

oh my
today I added a piece to my collection I was pretty sure was never going to happen
I have always loved the striking pattern on the Moon Deco promotional piece
however, these rare pieces are always SO expensive
online they range from $70-135
and in person, I have only seen one, and they wanted just over $100
now, most of my collection is thrifted
and my biggest splurges have been $20
however, when the husband spotted this mint Moon Deco at our favorite 
for $40 I knew that it was going to be mine
well, I did think on it for the night
crazy, I know
but I knew that the store, Scout Living
was closing in ten minutes from when we spotted it
and after "thinking on it" for the night, you better believe we were there 
as soon as the store opened
I mean, seriously, I can't handle my excitement right now
lately my collecting has really slowed down
and there are only a few pieces I'm really on the hunt for
now that I have my very own Moon Deco
I'm feeling overly satisfied
so, once again, thank you to the mr. for spotting this piece for me
I'm not sure what I would do without him
this baby bump seems to have me a tad off my Pyrex hunting game!


  1. Every so often a person has to splurge - that's a great piece, I've never ever seen it on a shelf!!

    1. thanks Jill, yes, a splurge has to happen every once in a while!