Thursday, August 23, 2012


today I turned twenty-eight
it has been a bit of a funky birthday
I think things have just been different this year
I'm still trying to get into my new school
get back into teaching more than one subject at a time with a group of kids
and due to some complicated circumstances
this will be the first year in my 28 that I do not get to have
the family birthday party that I have had every year leading up to this
and to be honest, it is bugging me a bit
maybe because this is my last birthday before E arrives
and I just wanted to do my "normal" party
but I'm not sure
with all that being said I enjoyed my birthday dinner
and my favorite type of presents
vintage & things for E, with a few goodies for me as well
now as many of you may know that pyrex is one of my favorite things
and the husband sure knew just the piece that I needed
in fact, I told him that having this piece by the time I was 30 was a goal
and he made sure that it happened a few years early!
can't wait to do some re-organizing tomorrow
because now, my new dots set is complete
and I think it needs to be featured front & center with the rest of the beauties