Saturday, September 22, 2012

adventures in oakland

well, being a northern california native there is one perception of the city of Oakland
and that is not a good one
in fact, Oakland is thought of as one scary place to be
and well, that image is still true in many parts of the town
however, as I learned today, Oakland actually has some pretty awesome gems
which is good, because my little sister meg is apartment hunting there at the moment
and that is what we spent all day doing
so here's what I learned
-oakland is filled with hipsters/punk kids-
-driving around downtown oakland on a saturday is actually pretty calm-
-parking isn't really a problem-
 [even though I may have tapped a car while parallel parking]
-the weather is pretty amazing, and so different from San Francisco-
-Lake Merritt is my new favorite place-
[and I can't wait to take E there]
-property managers may have some questionable practices-
[like when the apartment manager almost showed us a currently occupied unit because the tenant wasn't answering the door, seriously, he had the key in the door before meg kindly stopped him, needless to say, we won't be filling out an application for that building]
-I can eat my body weight in gelato-
[and apparently the girl working the counter really thought this pregnant lady needed some gelato, and since I pretty much finished the enormous portion, I guess she was right]
and finally...
-it is way quicker to get to oakland than dealing with driving all the way into the city-
[and that means everly and I will have to make many trips there to see her auntie meg]


  1. Oakland is wonderful! We have lived here for the past 2 years and absolutely LOVE it. Just avoid East & West and you'll be all set. We are in Rockridge/Temescal and couldn't be happier. The weather is lovely, there are lemon trees and very sweet people. I hope you all enjoy. Cheers, Sara Jane (another SMP bride who enjoys lurking on your lovely blog. PS - congrats on baby E!)

    1. Thanks Sara - my sister just got moved in this last weekend and I cannot wait to visit her - seeing parts of Oakland I never knew existed was pretty exciting!