Saturday, September 8, 2012

cuteness in the making

tonight we had dinner and a frozen yogurt date with old friends
and their adorable daughter Aria
which gave the mr. and I some fun baby time
and let's just say if I think my husband is this cute with other people's kids
I can only imagine how it will be with Everly
while we were out we did stumble upon a good samaritan dilemma
right there on the sidewalk were a pair of car keys
to the car, parked right there on the street
the poor owner didn't get far before she lost her keys
and because it is second saturday, there are a ton of people downtown for the art walk
and we were in the middle of about ten different places she could be eating at
so, what to do?
we left a note with our number and took the keys
pretty sure that if not, this car could be stolen in no time
and thankfully we ran into a police officer
explained the situation, gave our information, and handed over the keys
so it will be interesting to see how this all pans out
I'm just glad I no longer have the keys in my possession

now it is time for a little down time since I have class again tomorrow
and I'm really wishing I could just do a little vegging tomorrow on the sofa
but since that won't be happening, I'm going to fit some in right now

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