Wednesday, September 5, 2012

rubber stamps [not just for primary teachers]

in the six years that I have been teaching I have collected a good amount of rubber stamps
many have come from my sister around birthdays and christmas time
and a lot I have picked up from the dollar baskets at Michael's 
one year I even asked for ink pads as "stocking stuffers"
and the collection is looking pretty rounded at this point
when I was a kid, stamps were only for little kids
but guess what, big kids LOVE them, I think even more sometimes
and they are really useful in the classroom
when I started focussing on more project based instruction in my classes
I realized that kids were doing pieces of different assignments
but not turning things in until everything was due
because they "needed" those pre-assignments to finish the final project
and quickly I realized that I was not able to monitor 
who was getting the pieces done on time
whether it was homework or classwork
and this is when I realized that stamping was going to be my best friend
now instead of trying to collect and return papers in the blink of an eye
or recording scores on grading sheets
I can simply walk the classroom and stamp the papers that are done "on time"
and those that are incomplete do no receive the stamp
which makes grading much less complicated and I know that those who were doing
the work when assigned were getting the credit they deserved
and those who might have been slacking off a tad
would lose the points, and I wasn't going crazy with papers flying everywhere
I've also used stamping for participation points
an extra stamp on a grading rubric tells me they did the "extra credit" participation piece
whatever that may have been for the project
I even stamped the song lyrics that we used everyday when learning the Bill of Rights
the kids got a stamp for singing along, and not losing the paper for the entire week
and at the end of the week, they turned in the lyrics
and got one extra credit point for each stamp
 they had collected over the five days
great incentive for them, easy tracking for me
and hey, those kids remembered the first ten amendments the rest of the year!

so there you go
break out the rubber stamps
 regardless of the age of the students
I'm excited because all too soon my "October" stamps will be making their debut on papers
oh my, sometimes it is the little things in life


  1. I simply love this! What a great stamp collection you have! This has given me a great idea on how I can incorporate stamps with vocabulary!

  2. Replies
    1. they are pretty awesome!!! I think the seasonal ones are my favorite, and most of those aren't even shown above :)

  3. they are awesome!!!...It¨s a great idea to make worksheets for little kids and big ones.