Thursday, September 27, 2012

today I worked harder than my "no raise this year" salary

yeah, today was one of those days
and it wasn't really my students causing the issues
we will just leave it at that
but needless to say, today I could have really known a bigger paycheck
was coming my way
on tomorrow's payday
but instead, thanks to some furloughs and a pay freeze that won't be happening
and so instead, I'll talk about my love of the season premiere of New Girl
because, believe it or not, it kind of goes along with my day
image here
I've talked about my love for New Girl before
and a lot of my lovin' for the show is because of Miss Day
the ridiculously quirky teacher, who in the very first episode this season
gets laid off, something I am very familiar with
and how she is pretty much at a loss of what to do with herself
if she is not teaching, because teaching is what she is
and in those times at the end of each summer when I'm still waiting to get hired back
I think the same thing to myself
what in the world would I do everyday if I wasn't a teacher?
and I never come up with anything
so, with that being said
I'll move on from today
and I'll remember that teaching is a profession that you do not go into for the paycheck
which is good, because, to reiterate my point
today, I worked harder than my salary


  1. Hi Mrs. Lewis,
    It's erin from 5th grade, i was wondering if you were comming to the dewey fall fun festival tonight at 5 oclock to 8 o clock... i will b there at 6 oclock.if you are busy i understand.

    1. Erin - I am so sorry that I am missing it this year, we already had plans by the time I found out it was tonight. I will try to make it next year with Everly!!! Have fun and tell everyone I say hi :)