Saturday, October 20, 2012

36 weeks

hitting nine months officially this week
and Everly is letting us know that she will be here soon
she has been a very active baby for some time
especially during our evening t.v. time
but now the movement is so visible it is just simply crazy
thankfully she is still hanging out in the head down position
but is still pretty high up, so I'm thinking I still have a little time before she arrives
besides trying to get up off the sofa in the evenings
and the complete inability to bend at the waist
I've still been feeling pretty good
rings are fitting
ankles are still visible
so no complaints here
and the best part, maternity leave is my new happy place
oh, and fall is officially here for us in northern california
and that makes me one happy lady
there may even be a little rain in the future
good, awesome, lovely

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