Monday, October 29, 2012

ocean filigree pyrex - a little gift to myself

today the mr. and I had some errands to run
and we figured we would swing by one of our local antique malls
we were looking for vintage christmas finds
but had no luck there
instead, I did have some pretty awesome pyrex luck
my collection is large and I am extremely picky these days
but when I spied this casserole I knew I had to look closer
so yes, I am now very excited to own this very rare piece
I have found very little information on it
but it seems to go by the name Ocean Filigree
and yes, even though it may seem strange, it came with this awesome 
green plastic hugger cradle
so different than the typical pyrex cradle made of wood and metal
and green does happen to be my favorite color
so when I found it for a fraction of the online pricing
I knew it was time to get myself a little present
especially since it will most likely be the last piece of pyrex I buy for a while
because as many of you can probably tell by now
everly mae is going to be here oh so soon
so I'll be out of the thrifting scene for a bit
because I am going to be too busy snuggling with my little baby girl


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  2. Hi - it's awesome that you found this in great shape, with the holder. It looks so pretty !