Sunday, October 28, 2012

we keep things low key

last night we enjoyed a very simple halloween celebration
this year we kept things very last minute and simple
mostly because we had no real way of knowing if we were going to be up for celebrating
or at the hospital in labor
and since Everly is still hanging in there for me as of the moment
we had the opportunity to do some celebrating
I loved our night of pumpkin carving and decorating
of playing games and enjoying sweet treats
and above all
spending the time with friends who also loved this kind of night
and as we get closer to the little lady's due date
it is amazing to know we have people around us who are so excited for her arrival
and where our little group is heading
and in case it wasn't clear, we took advantage of me being 
9 months pregnant for halloween
and dressed up as Juno and Paulie Bleeker
37 weeks is officially in the books


  1. How cute! Glad you are celebrating right up until Everly's arrival. The countdown is on!

    1. thanks - yes I am very thankful to be still feeling very much myself! and yes, she can come any day now, but I am hoping for next week, after my masters class this weekend!