Wednesday, November 21, 2012

blooming bath bliss

a while back when I was on the baby boards of pinterest non-stop
I stumbled upon the Blooming Bath
I instantly thought it looked like a little piece of bath time heaven
before it had arrived we tried a couple of sponge baths while we waited 
for E's tummy to heal
and she was not having it, not one bit
not to mention that bath time was something I was very nervous about
Everly is tiny, and throwing water on her just seemed to be a little scary for me
as soon as we got our Blooming Bath getting our little lady clean
became on of my favorite times of the day
and E absolutely loves her bath time too
the only time she gets sad now is when I take her out 
of her big comfy flowery cute bath 
and the best part, you can just use it in the kitchen sink
hang it to dry or toss it in the dryer for a few minutes
so there's my mommy approved product 
if you have a little one, or one on the way, I highly suggest the awesomeness

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