Wednesday, December 12, 2012

oh hey, I'm five weeks old

well, after I turned one month old
I started acting pretty old, I figured it was time
now I like getting most of my sleeping in at night
and only waste a few hours during the day with that whole napping business
this week I spent a little time hanging out in my crib during the day
and man, those awesome black and white flowers that go around 
the crib are so fun to stare at
I can do that for about twenty minutes with no fussing
I'm still working on making about a thousand different faces per day
and I am no longer liking that bottle that my people are trying to give me as much
this week I also took my first mini-road trip to my grandparents house
and even though we were in the car for over three hours
it felt like a blink of an eye for me
this week I also decided that standing up with a little help from the parents is fun
and kicking is the best
I also got to be held by my great grandma betty for the first time this week
I'm glad I put on a little weight so she wasn't afraid to hold me anymore!
and yes, christmas decorations are still rockin' my world
there is just so much to see
we went to look at a whole neighborhood covered in christmas lights
and as soon as my parents realized that I couldn't see the lights while in the baby carrier
they took me out to see everything and I was a much happier camper
all in all five weeks was pretty busy for me
-Everly Mae

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