Thursday, January 24, 2013

because we love all things vintage...and we think E does too

a few years back the mr. and I discovered one of our favorite places 
there are technically two Long Beach Antique Malls, but their second location
is my favorite
and so this is where I decided to snap a few pictures of Everly doing her first
"vacation antiquing"
because hey, having a baby doesn't mean you have to stop doing things you like
so here it is
turns out that antiquing can actually be a great baby activity
there is just so much for them to see
I love this last image, the boys are clearly pondering that giant pot
but not our E, she has already figured out that thing, and moved onto that vintage sled
 another thing I'm loving now that Everly is bigger
is we love holding her so she can see everything
and no, don't hold her like a baby
because she will cry, and if you have spent any time with her
you know she doesn't cry very easily
so you don't want to be the person to put her over the edge!

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