Tuesday, January 8, 2013

birth keepsakes for practically free

lately I have been seeing some great birth keepsakes online
however, I cannot bear to spend $100 on a throw pillow
but seeing these outrageous products did get me thinking
I really want to show off all of E's birth details in her nursery
and that's when it hit me
in one of our early masters classes we were introduced to wordles
wordle is a free website that allows you to make some fun "word clouds" 
now yes, you could make something like this in photoshop
but I love how this website organizes, and re-organizes 
your words for you in seconds
you just click the button and the words go flying into a new position
you can change fonts, colors, and word alignment
however, as you play around with wordle you will quickly find one thing out
if you find an arrangement you like - save it as a PDF
because you will never get the same exact word cloud again!
I've made two wordles below
[and saved about 20 to my desktop because let's face it, 
this website is a tad addicting once you get started]
I couldn't decide which one I liked the best to share here
so here's two
plus, this way you can see how different you can make the word cloud
depending on what type of design you are going for
now these wordles can be used in the classroom too
[hence the reason we were shown them in our masters program]
and hey, I haven't talked about the classroom for a while
and since this blog used to be all about teaching, many of my readers are teachers
so here you go...
whatever word is typed into the website the most 
becomes more prevalent on the wordle
a few classroom suggestions include:
-spelling practice
-teaching genres
-character education
-writing units
-typing practice
-getting to know you activity for the beginning of the year or for Open House
just to name a few
and the best news is, the website is free
so if you have access to technology in your schools
I would suggest giving this a whirl
if the adult students loved playing around with it, I'm pretty sure kids would too
but since I'm currently playing stay at home mama
I'm going to figure out which one [of my 20!] I like best
and hang it in Everly's nursery
I'm thinking I can get everything printed and framed for less than $20
so that sounds pretty good to me

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