Thursday, January 31, 2013

um, let's be honest, I wanted a girl

yes, of course
our first priority was a happy, healthy baby
with that being said, I wanted a daughter
like real bad
like having a little anxiety attack before we found out her gender
like I might have shed a tear if that ultrasound tech saw something "extra"
the mr. and I have decided that we are going to only have one child
[hold your hostility please, we can talk about it later]
so I knew that we had one shot to get what I wanted
and the odds, well, they weren't as great as I would have liked
now, the mr., I really do think, deep down, did not care
if we had a son or daughter
and bless him for that
now, why my gender bias?
let me share
I come from a family of women, yeah, we have men, obviously
but not many, and on most days, my life is that of women
my weekends are spent with my mom and grandma
special days are spent with my sister
and yeah, I like it that way, and as you could guess, a daughter
just seemed to complete the little family puzzle
other reasons you ask?
well, girls are special because you can dress them up in a tutu
and play with them in the dirt all the same
I was an athlete all my life, and since the mr. was too, I have a feeling
miss everly may have a little of it in her too
and my last reason why I wanted a daughter, well, they stick around
I believe that when you do a great job of raising a son
they move on, and no longer need you, 
and probably don't have lunch with you every week
or call you every day just to chat
but daughters, well, they can be different
I am extremely close with my mom, she is my best friend
the person I love spending every weekend with, and now that I'm at home
sometimes E and I sneak in a mid-week lunch date too
so this being said, I expect Everly to stick around
and when she is all grown up, which quite frankly needs to happen
in like a hundred years
I expect her to become my friend, and stick around
and that folks, is why I thank the mr. everyday
[or at least everyday in my head]
that he gave me a little girl