Wednesday, February 20, 2013

oh hey, I'm 15 weeks old

this week got serious people
a few big things happened
well, two very little ones actually
pain is real, and teething is here, and yes, my parents now realize
that I can cry, the jury was still out on that one
I hear that these teeth are going to come in handy soon
but for right now, I don't get their purpose
all I get is they are painful
like my face was red and puffy for most of today
but I know I will get through it, because apparently
I'm not the first baby to do this
so while we wait for these little teeth to officially break through
I'm still loving my tummy
and my mornings in my crib
while mom eats a little breakfast without me in her hands
speaking of my crib, I actually slept in it for a period of time the other day
go figure, using it for more than just holding my 
stuffed animals and hohos
or my fur sister Luna who thinks the crib actually belongs to her
and finally, as you can see above, I still have not
lost that newborn hair
people keep telling my mom that it will fall out
but right now, it just stands horizontally sometimes
and now it is time to go tend to the gallons of drool that I have these days
work on eating that bib that is now always around my neck
and possibly finish the night off with a good hand chewing session
and no, it doesn't matter who the hand belongs to
oh, and I'm thankful for my Sophie
-Everly Mae

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