Friday, March 15, 2013

oh hey, I'm 18 weeks old

my, I clearly have been busy in the last two weeks
because I'm 18 weeks old, actually closer to 19, and yeah, 
I missed week 17 altogether
but let's look back
at what I've been doing lately
first off, I have a new home
man oh man, I could really get lost in this place
if I could only figure out how to get moving without the help of others
which I am working on
but I'm noticing that whenever I try
I go backwards, whether I am on my tummy or walking with some assistance
[yes, they still have to help me do everything, but not for long]
other news includes my four month checkup
where I was told I now weigh 11 pounds 15 ounces
and just as mom predicted, I've dropped down into the 10th percentile
for weight, but the doctor doesn't seem too concerned yet
but I'm up to the 50th percentile for height, so there you go
[which also explains why my pants are almost all capris]
and then there's Sophie
 have I mentioned my love for her?
don't mind the fact that it looks like I'm trying to eat her leg off
we really are friends
[and yes, that may be drool causing my face to glisten in these photos]
lately I have been too busy sitting up
and grabbing my feet, that may or may not be making their way
 to my mouth very soon
to worry about rolling over, so I guess that will be my next thing
for now, I think I'll enjoy my new nursery
that thanks to grammie and auntie meg, is looking just about done
maybe I can even get that mom of mine to take a few pictures of it
to show off here real soon
but for now, it's time for bed
[I think all my exciting company has got me thrown all off, but that's ok]
 -Everly Mae

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