Sunday, March 24, 2013

raising a daughter

I know when I began telling people we were expecting a little girl, it was amazing how many people responded by saying "good luck".  Many women seem to have fears of raising girls, and I guess I get it.  I always say that boys are probably hardest when little, and girls really give it to you when they are older.  For me, I was very lucky to have the best relationship with my mom, and I could not have been happier to have a daughter to share this type of bond with too.  Lately, I have been really noticing comments that women make about themselves, to their friends, and to young girls about appearance, weight, etcetera.  And here's where I stand - I am so thankful that growing up I was blessed with having a strong dose of self-confidence, and I really do thank my mom for this.  No matter my weight [it fluctuated ALOT while growing up] or how horribly broken out my face got, I never remember having low self-esteem.  Not saying I walked around necessarily loving these imperfections, but they were just that, imperfections, not the end all be all.  We were not a family that outside appearances were the main focus.  I'm glad that I was a tom boy, never wore makeup until my senior year of high school, and then I think we were talking strictly mascara, and I never wanted to wear clothing that showed off too much.  Sure, some of this was probably just me, but much of it came from the best kind of role model.

So even though she may be little, I will work to make sure I raise Everly just the same.  She will not hear me talk negatively about myself, especially when it comes to appearances.  And I am thankful to surround her with women who are also confident with themselves, and not make what's on the outside the main event.  So here's to raising a daughter, the best way I can.  Hopefully I will get some good daughter karma since I kept my "tough teen years" down to a minimum for my mom.  At least a girl can hope.

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  1. Hi! Found you on GFC Collective blog hop. Love this post! I have a 16 month old daughter and was thrilled to find out I was having a girl. I couldn't even imagine having a boy now. I unfortunately was a mean teenage girl which does worry, but I try to just live in the moment and hope I will be lucky. Love the name of your blog by the way. Now following via GFC.