Monday, March 11, 2013

three months [part I]

last month we got all pretty and took everly's three month photos
I decided that I wanted to stay close to our midtown apartment for these pictures
and now I am even more thankful that I did
since shortly after we took these pictures we decided to move
from the little flat we started our family in
so, once again, thank you to the amazing Sarah
for capturing our little family
I just love all the images 
we got Everly making all sorts of crazy faces [big surprise]
and Sarah even captured her "scared face" 
something that is quickly disappearing
and since this post has already gotten way out of control with too many photos
I will break up all the awesomeness over two days
so stay tuned tomorrow for the rest of our three month photos!
[good news, everly wakes up for the second half of the session 
and the smiles are officially on]

see Everly's newborn photos by Sarah Maren here
and our maternity photos here


  1. Great pictures. Visiting from the GFC collective. I enjoyed perusing your site. I used to teach and I must say I LOVE your pyrex collection. Enjoy your beautiful little girl (pretty name). Would love it if you stopped by to visit.

    1. thanks for stopping by, can't wait to check out your space as well :)

  2. New follower from GFC bloghop. Loving your blog and your daughter is too cute!

    1. Glad you found me from the blog hop - thanks for following :)