Tuesday, April 16, 2013

oh hey, I'm 23 weeks old

well folks, I've been so busy lately that I seemed to have missed last week
the past two weeks have been all about moving
I'm moving so much that you may think I'm crawling
we aren't going to say I'm a crawler
but it is close, oh so close
another thing that has been moving a lot lately is my second tooth
when the first little guy came out mom could see the corner of the second one
and sure enough, this week you can see two little teeth when I smile just right

besides moving, I also got a little bigger
13 whole pounds to be exact
too bad that still puts me in the 10th percentile, but that's ok
my parents have decided that it makes for a good nickname
so now they call me their little "ten percenter"
the only other big news around here is that sensitive skin of mine acted up
 turns out that lotion, even if made by the same company, can be very different
sure enough, mom switched lotions and we ended up with a whole eczema flare up
thankfully, we got to visit our dr. yesterday and now we have some 
tips & trick to make sure it doesn't happen again
and I'm already looking much better

oh, and mom made me bows, lots and lots of bows

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