Monday, April 29, 2013

settling in with the pyrex collection

packing up my insane pyrex collection caused me a great deal of anxiety
in fact, days on end were spent just packing pyrex
which is why when all was said and done
much of the house did not get properly packed
because we just ran out of time from all our breakable items
[sorry to everyone who helped us move!]
I'm still working on figuring out how exactly I want everything displayed
but this window is making me too happy right now

the window ledge in our 1950's kitchen was just the perfect size to fit
my favorite pieces of pyrex
and seeing as how stacked pyrex can sometimes rattle a bit
especially on hard wood floors
I am happy to have these beauties in a secure, rattle free location
happy monday, hope you are finding little things to make you happy too

-also posting on the pyrex collective II today-

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