Sunday, May 26, 2013

avocados, everly approved

we've been slowing introducing solid foods to everly
without much success
a few weeks ago I picked up a fresh food feeder that I had heard about
they were on clearance at the local grocery store - so I picked up a ClevaFeed for $1
I figured for a buck it was worth a shot
well, dollar well spent
everly has HATED any mushed baby food
but shove a little "real food" into the ClevaFeed and there you go
at first she was really into playing with the contraption
and seemed to feel a little tricked when she realized this toy
also had food in it
but thankfully, second round of banana went well
and everly's favorite food so far...avocado
go figure, it took me twenty years to try these green smushy things
but E is already really into them

 yes, sometimes she makes some serious faces while eating
and other times she starts eating the wrong end, but I guess this little 
thing works as a teether too sometimes
all in all, we are loving our everly feeding herself
she had two pretty good size chunks of avocado last night
so I'm going to consider this a food success
and I look forward to shoving lots of other "real foods" into this little thing
because, after all, it is everly approved

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