Saturday, May 4, 2013

oh hey, I'm 25 weeks old

twenty-five weeks old, and just two days away from being twenty-six weeks
oops, I'm a little late this week on my post
the weather has turned pretty warm around here
so I have been spending lots of time in the water
mom got a pool just my size for the yard
and it even has a little slide
I'm pretty into all of that
in other news, I officially wore my first six month outfit this week
I also surprised my parents by sitting up in my crib
where I quickly realized that I can pull myself up
and stand like a real big girl
and even take a few steps in my crib
so even though I'm not sleeping in it yet, it sure is time
for mom to lower the mattress
 I'm still not crawling, but man, can I get places
and finally, when it comes to food, I've now tried banana
and I'm not feeling it either
oh well, I'm sure mom will have something else up her sleeve for this coming week
now days I am really hearing a lot of people asking how old I am
they keep saying how old I act, and how little I am
yes, ten percent-er here, and there isn't anything wrong with it
well, I think that's all for now
oh, and guess what, I'm officially 6 months old tomorrow
and daddy even has the day off
-everly mae

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