Thursday, May 30, 2013

oh hey, I'm 29 weeks old

let's just say, these days I'm loving
turns out kisses on my belly and sides make me giggle
I love watching the sprinklers
and even though mom wears them every night, I just figured out
how much fun her glasses are
I can grab those things off her face mighty fast
and mom thinks it is pretty funny
until she has to hide them from me, and just go blind
in other news, I'm still wearing size one diapers
but I have my next check up in a week, so fingers crossed we are over 14 lbs
most of my outfits are actually 6 months
but I can still fit into a few smaller little numbers
and finally, mom found my first baby freckle
yup, one right on the side of my chin
it is very small, and mom played it off as dirt, or fuzz, or something
until it didn't go away
so it turns out, I might just look like my mom when I get bigger
after all
-Everly Mae

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