Wednesday, June 5, 2013

everly mae is seven months old

everly mae
you make every day worth it
I was worried before I had you that I wouldn't have enough energy
after working all day to still love you to pieces
but that just isn't so
you energize me every day
your smile is contagious
and laugh is to die for
I love your newest trick of grabbing my face
and nuzzling into it
we are even getting pretty close to giving kisses
and I love every chin bite that I'm passing off as a big wet kiss
your silly faces are killing me
and the screams and squeals you let out while talking 
and watching your little butt wiggle as you crawl across the house
are all the things that make you a pretty amazing little girl
I cannot believe I have already been your mom for seven months
thanks for making this ride the best I've ever been on
love you, E
happy seven months everly mae!

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