Sunday, June 30, 2013

hey channing tatum, thanks for making my name popular

When we decided to name our little lady Everly, we were overjoyed that we had found a name that wasn't "made up", but was by no means a popular name.  The Mr. and I both have pretty classic names, if you don't know a Lindsey, Lindsay, Lyndsay in her twenties or early thirties, I would be surprised.  Growing up I always had my last initial attached to my name, and I didn't want Everly to have to go by Everly L. for the rest of her school life.  For the first seven months after Everly was born, everyone would say how beautiful her name was, and that they haven't heard it before.  
But guess what, something happened.  Channing flippin' Tatum decided to name his little girl, you guessed it, Everly.  Now, some may think it is pretty cool to share a baby name with a star, but I don't particularly think that.  And to make it better, guess who loves Channing Tatum? Women in their twenties, yeah, those same women who will be having babies, soon.  In the last month, when people ask me my daughter's name, the first thing most people say now is, "oh, like Channing Tatum's daughter".  NO.  Not like the star's kid, she was just born last month, Everly clearly had her name before the star's kid.  And now I like to joke that the Tatum's clearly named their daughter after mine ;)  Yes, I know I have no rights over her name, and I love hearing that someones cousin's neighbor named their daughter Everly, but really, someone super famous.  Bleh.  So, sorry Everly, you might be one of ten Everly's in your graduating class just like your mama was with her name, and you are just going to have to be ok with that.  Your mom tried, she really did.


  1. Aww, it'll be ok, even if there are 5 kids named Everly in her class. There's only one Everly that you need to worry about. Gotta just let things like that go. :-)

    1. Don't worry Kim, I'm not losing sleep over it or anything ;) It was really just one of those "really?!?" moments!

  2. I just laughed out loud at this. 6 years ago, I named my daughter Harper. No one had that name at that time (yes, I even checked the social security administration rankings.) And then....Tiffani Amber Thiessen, Victoria and David Beckham, AND Neil Patrick Harris all named a daughter Harper.

    The name is now 18th most popular in MD, where I live, and is currently ranking at number 3 (according to something a friend sent me just last week).

    So yes, I totally get where you are coming from.

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