Wednesday, June 26, 2013

it's all in the details [jaymee's shower part III]

one of my favorite parts of party planning
is paying attention to all of the little details
and thankfully, I worked with one of the most detail
oriented bridesmaid on the planet
so here are some of the details that just can't be forgotten
from Jaymee's beautiful shower
details not to be forgotten:
*the succulent garden was actually an amazing shower gift*
[yes, that is a heart shaped cake pan found at a garage sale]
*many of the poms were made by several of the groom's relatives, including grandpa*
*even the mini clothespins were painted gold with a touch of glitter*
*some cheating may have occurred during bridal BINGO*
[the bride's aunts are hilariously competitive]
*the circular streamers were not only impossible to hang, 
they were quite tough on the sewing machine that made them*
*the bride & groom initials were made out of brown coffee filters spray painted with a hint of gold*
*I was the only one in the bridal party, including the bride, that knew to make her rehearsal bouquet from her gift ribbons - it helps being the old lady in the group*
*and according to the old wives tradition, Jaymee will be having many children*
[don't worry Jaymee, we will let you have two!]

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